“Le seul moyen de se délivrer d’une tentation, c’est d’y céder”

Nous étions bien Adam. L’Eden, toi, moi. Tu étais nu, moi pas. On se crêpait le chignon parfois pour des affaires sans queue ni tête, mais pas besoin de se couper les cheveux en quatre pour savoir que le soir de deux nous ne faisions plus qu’un, et que c’était la fête. 

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The Less Heard Stories of Feminism

F for Foreign : “Feminism from A to Z

About 200 years ago, a young woman sat in the secrecy of her own home, learning how to read and write from her husband. Due to this brave act of defiance carried out in the clandestinity of her home, millions of girls in India now have the opportunity to be educated freely. The Indian women’s rights movement is indebted to Savitribai Phule, and despite the great lengths it still has to cover, its journey until here has been made possible due to her dauntless spirit.

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Feminist Chapter: Welcome to the club

         One month ago, on the 28th of August, took place the first event organized by the new captains of Feminist Chapter. It is now time to come back to this sunny and activist picnic in Square Saint Roch and to discover our future projects and engagements.

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