A brief story of theatre

with Simon Grangeat

On Thursday, March 2nd, Simon Grangeat, author of French contemporary theatre, has accepted a zoom conference with the French theatre club. They have had the occasion to learn about his experience, his vision of theatre and the play he has written and that they are using as their final representation: T.I.N.A. une brève histoire de la crise (There Is No Alternative: a brief story of the crisis).

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The eloquence of a journey – Retrospective on the PRD

Droplets of rain, grey clouds, and the wheels of a few suitcases scratching the concrete. Frightened faces asking, “you don’t have working coffee machines”, “is that the entire campus?”, “is the weather always so gloomy?”, or “where can we eat something in less than 10 minutes?”. Questions that us, Havrais, keep on asking to ourselves. You might think this is the beginning of yet another complaint about the wonderful city we get to call home for two years. But you’d be wrong. Because this weekend, Perret and Niemeyer had everything to offer, and all campuses got their breath taken away by Bharatanatyam, clapped to Bollywood, danced to LH sessions. This weekend, this nation’s elite got drunk au Fût, and slept less than a 6-month-old toddler. Yes, this weekend, we listened to the most wonderful speeches, heard a member of government offer a Kinder Bueno, and Stéphanie Balme became a swimming teacher. Le Havre hosted le Prix Richard Descoings.

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An over-analysis of the year rep re-election

Marx says that history repeats itself, first time as tragedy, second time as farce. And here we are, facing our second year rep election in a year. This is an accomplishment recently surpassed only by the Cabinet of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

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Paul & Mike a SPK show

Samedi 1er octobre, 14h48. Alors que quelques personnes continuent de rentrer dans le grand amphithéâtre, la tension monte. The Paul and Mike Show présidé par Juliette Delsart et Jeanne Perrien, opposant Reims et Le Havre, va bientôt commencer.  

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G2+1= pizza!

HD organizes conference with Dean Stéphanie Balme to discuss the role of Europe in Taiwan Strait Sovereignty issue

“In Le Havre, I feel like home”. With this kind remark, Stéphanie Balme began her speech to an Amphi crowded with students who listened attentively, a slice of pizza in their hands, as though “they were in a movie”, as the speaker said.

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