Letter to the Administration

Following violent physical attacks on a member of the student body of Sciences Po, an emergency General Assembly had been organized at the university’s Undergraduate College in Le Havre on 9 December 2021. In compliance with the freedom of press and a general consent from those in concern, Le Dragon Déchaîné has taken the liberty to publish a written version of the letter publicly addressed to students and the administration during the meeting. Any mention of the names of students have been censored due to privacy concerns. The Editorial Board of Le Dragon express their solidarity towards all victims of physical, emotional or psychological abuse, and support the cause of creating a safer space with effective recourse in emergency situations, as well as the nurturing of empathy within the whole of Sciences Po’s community.

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Interview with Catherine Droszewski

by Lynette Teo & Sila Ceyhan

On 9 July 2021, Vincent Fertey, the former Campus Director of Sciences Po Le Havre wrote an email directed to the students that his professional journey as the Administrative Head had come to a closure as he went on to take a sabbatical leave. Exactly a month since then, on the 9 of July, the formal appointment of Catherine Droszewski as the interim Campus Director was announced to the student body in an email by him and the Dean of Sciences Po Undergraduate Colleges Stéphanie Balme, welcoming a new chapter of the administrative and social life of the campus.

The Editors of the English Print of Le Dragon Déchaîné invited Ms Droszewski, previously the Academic Program Manager, to share a few words with us about herself and the new position that she now occupies.

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Medical Update: COVID-19 scare after student gathering on the week of Integration

by Samaya Anjum

On the morning of the fifth day of the Integration Week, an unofficial information about the outbreak of a coronavirus case within the community of Sciences Po students in Le Havre incited feelings of alarm and anxiety.

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And that’s a wrap!

Good luck! Take care! See you soon!

The weak summer sun in Le Havre stands witness to years of Sciences Po goodbyes, as the outgoing 2As set forth on new adventures around the world. We make up a significant portion of Le Havre’s transient population; here to love it, here to hate it, and now away to miss it, as it inadvertently becomes a part of us. This year should be no different, as we pack our bags, bid our farewells, and slowly empty the city. But our cohort marks something new, something divergent from the usual, something more.

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