The Millennium Fellowship in Spotlight

United Nations. Undergraduate. Impact. These three words summarize the Millennium Fellowship, a program established by the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) to supply undergraduate students with necessary tools to amplify civic engagement, volunteerism, and both local and international change. Students, when accepted to the millennium fellowship, develop and implement their own projects with a group of other millennium fellows in becoming part of the process of making the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality. Ex-Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-moon noted the critical importance of the millennium fellows and their responsibilities, “As Millennium Fellows, we need you to lead by example – with empathy, humility, and inclusion as guiding values.”

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Letter to the Administration

Following violent physical attacks on a member of the student body of Sciences Po, an emergency General Assembly had been organized at the university’s Undergraduate College in Le Havre on 9 December 2021. In compliance with the freedom of press and a general consent from those in concern, Le Dragon Déchaîné has taken the liberty to publish a written version of the letter publicly addressed to students and the administration during the meeting. Any mention of the names of students have been censored due to privacy concerns. The Editorial Board of Le Dragon express their solidarity towards all victims of physical, emotional or psychological abuse, and support the cause of creating a safer space with effective recourse in emergency situations, as well as the nurturing of empathy within the whole of Sciences Po’s community.

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An over-analysis of the Year Rep elections

Yiyang Fang, first-year undergraduate at Sciences Po Le Havre, examines, “to the point of excessiveness”, the 2021 Year Rep elections. Kudos to all the candidates for their campaigns and remember to vote for your Year Rep!

Disclaimer: This is a piece of satire.

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Ici c’est le Havre – Bilan de la semaine d’intégration 2021

La promotion 2024 a enfin franchi les portes automatiques du campus du Havre ! La semaine dernière, nos nouveaux étudiants ont pu découvrir Sciences Po, ses professeurs, son administration et ses associations sur le meilleur des campus délocalisés. Alors que la génération 2003 entame son premier semestre, Le Dragon Déchaîné revient sur la semaine d’intégration.

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