G2+1= pizza!

HD organizes conference with Dean Stéphanie Balme to discuss the role of Europe in Taiwan Strait Sovereignty issue

“In Le Havre, I feel like home”. With this kind remark, Stéphanie Balme began her speech to an Amphi crowded with students who listened attentively, a slice of pizza in their hands, as though “they were in a movie”, as the speaker said.

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Au Havre, Edouard Philippe prend le large

Par Mathys Dufresnoy

Si l’ancien premier ministre et maire du Havre Edouard Philippe s’était fait discret ces derniers mois, il l’était beaucoup moins le 9 octobre dernier au Carré des Docks.

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Treacherous Waters: Growing up in Mainland China as a Taiwanese

Celine Chang, a Taiwanese who has spent the majority of her life in Mainland China, reflects on her experience juxtaposing her identities while living in “treacherous waters”.

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