A Sciences Po Guide to LH’s Kebabs

Noé Lhomme takes us along in his quest to find the best Kebab places around Le Havre. Join him!

Dear Havraises and Havrais, as students, our economic means are restricted, our days are very busy, and we don’t necessarily have the time to cook properly every day. So, what’s better than a kebab? It’s cheap, delicious, hunger-appeasing and can be eaten quickly. Moreover, the large number of kebab shops in Le Havre allows us to choose from a big variety of different kebabs, both in form and quality. This wide offer can be a bit confusing for newcomers and kebab novices, and choosing a good kebab might seem difficult without help. Thus, I present to you the first Sciences Po guide to LH Kebabs

Disclaimer: Most of the trials were made with galette kebabs, and usually with sauce blanche and sauce algérienne. Menus include kebabs + French fries + soda can. 

The cheapest: Smile Food, The Stud

These kebab shops can’t really be judged on quality, as they offer menus around 5-6 euros. Their kebabs are usually paninis, and the meat is frozen, as are the French fries. It is recommended to eat it only in case of starvation or late-night hunger, as their sandwiches are just composed of fat tasteless meat and sauces (no vegetables). But anyway, they do the job. 

Good for your wallet, less for your tongue and stomach 

The value for money: Le Pacha

With a generous 7 euros menu, the Pacha will never leave you hungry. Their regular kebabs are decently tasty, and the portions of French fries are copious. However, the meat is not like those in regular kebabs. It is mainly made of low-quality chicken and fat meats that can sometimes transform a satiety state into a stomach-ache. Sometimes, though rarely, the kebabs and fries were cold, ruining the experience. 

Decent and value for money, but don’t go there too frequently (Le Pacha’s kebab style gets boring quickly)

The most convenient: Le Roi de la Frite 

As it closes at 2 am, Le Roi de la Frite is the best option for your late-night hunger. With a menu at 6.5 euros, it is very affordable. Portions are normal, and usually enough to satiate your hunger. Its french fries are definitely a must-have, as they are homemade and very well cooked. Even if the meat is frozen, it is of a decent quality and vegetables improve the taste of the kebab. 

Decent but not amazing, affordable and available until very late (ideal for parties!) 

The 15/20: Didim 

Didim is the first “real” kebab we will talk about here. With a 7,50 euros menu, Didim is perfectly affordable. Moreover, the meat is fresh and of good quality. The french fries portions are a bit small, but it is balanced by the regular-sized kebab. However, there are sometimes too many vegetables inside, and the portions are slightly small for the price, which can leave you a bit hungry. 

Good kebab, but a bit expensive and portions can be small sometimes

The King: Marmara 

With a 7 euros menu for galette and 6,50 euros one for pain, Marmara is the most popular kebab in LH. The meat is delicious (one of the best in LH), fresh, and perfectly balanced with vegetables.  Portions of French fries are quite big (but their taste is not really amazing), and the sauce is generous. The preparation is generally fast, and you’ll never be hungry after having eaten there. The staff is welcoming and pays attention to orders (you’ll never have bad surprises). Moreover, HAC players usually eat there after football games at Stade Océane, so it’s a good opportunity to take pictures and talk to them!

Top-quality kebab for a regular price served by a nice staff

The Healthiest: Mont Berliner 

This kebab is a German-styled one, thus the meat is different from the other kebabs tried. The meat is very fresh and succulent, and French fries are homemade and of a high quality. The best part is the addition of various unusual vegetables and other ingredients inside their kebabs: cucumber, eggplant, feta, butter-grilled carrots and zucchinis… This mix of fresh vegetables, top quality meat and French fries makes it one of the best kebab shops in the city (yet unknown) and the healthiest one, as the vegetables compensate for the fat of the meat. However, the sauces are a bit bland and it’s an expensive kebab (at least 12 euros for a menu). 

Incredible taste thanks to the mix between meat and vegetables, but the most expensive 

The “Restaurant”: Restaurant Istanbul

The most ancient kebab of LH (since 1990!) offers one of the best menus of LH for 8 euros. The price is relatively cheap for a high-quality sandwich, which features its flame-grilled homemade meat. Its meat may sometimes seem a bit different from other kebabs as it uses a different recipe with less fat and more spices. The portion of French fries is decent, and you might not be able to finish it after having eaten the enormous sandwich. We recommend you try the homemade sauce blanche, which is similar to tzatziki in terms of taste. Don’t eat it too fast, or you might get a stomach-ache as the menu is very filling. 

Delicious and unique homemade kebab, good for satisfying your hunger

As trying every kebab shop is difficult, this first guide is a bit small, but it’s only the beginning! Don’t hesitate to contact me to give advice and add to it!

Author: Le Dragon Déchaîné

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