What’s On Le Havre: September

Welcome to the first edition of What’s On LH for the new academic year. This monthly guide brought to you by the Bureau des Arts includes our top picks for art, music and culture au Havre.


Well worth the trip up the hill, the Tetris has a multi-medium exhibition on landscapes which is about to finish. Catch it before it’s gone! More.

WHERE: Le Tetris

WHEN: Until the 2nd

HOW MUCH: free

Né(e)s de l’écume et des rêves

Also finishing up soon is the temporary exhibition at MuMa. The eclectic collection revolving around the ocean is an interesting complement to the permanent exhibits, which are well worth visiting for newcomers. More.


WHEN: Until the 9th

HOW MUCH: free (for students)

Le Volcan: Open Door

Le Havre’s iconic theatre designed by Oscar Niemeyer will open its doors for two days to mark the beginning of the new season. A worthwhile behind the scenes look at an amazing building, and a thriving artistic hub. More.

WHERE: Le Volcan

WHEN: 15th and 16th

Ouest Park Festival

Le Havre’s very own summer music festival is nearly upon us, and with a great international lineup with names such as: Boys Noize, Romeo Elvis, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Therapie Taxi, and many more. This isn’t one to miss! More.

WHERE: Fort de Tourneville

WHEN: 21 – 23rd

HOW MUCH: €26 per day (students), free on the last day.

There are a lot of public art installations as part of Un Été au Havre. Take a visit to the beach, or up the hill to the Jardins Suspendus to catch a few before they’re gone.

Some of our favourites are:


Unmissable and instantly iconic, our favourite abstract monument is back for another year. It can’t be missed on the centre of the beach. More.

À l’origine

Just a stone’s throw away you will find an impressive six metre sculpture by Fabien Mérelle. A man carrying the symbolically immense burden of an elephant on his back. More.

Jusqu’au Bout du monde

All the way at the end of beach at the Bout du monde, you will find another larger than life work by Fabien Mérelle, of a father and daughter looking out into the unknown. More.

Futuro House

A rare retro-futuristic house has descended on Le Havre, an interesting piece of architectural history worth visiting in the Jardins Suspendus before it’s gone. More.

Most of the public art will stay until the 23rd.

Hôtel de Ville du Havre, symbole de la reconstruction

Where better to hold an exhibition about the Hôtel de Ville du Havre than the Hôtel de Ville du Havre. A worthwhile history lesson about the symbolism of the building in the post-war reconstruction of the city. More.

WHERE: Hôtel de Ville

WHEN: Until the 23rd

Les Passagers du Son (2)

While you’re at the Hôtel de Ville, take yourself on an immersive auditory experience and discover the building through this spatial art installation. More.

WHERE: Hôtel de Ville

WHEN: Until the 23rd

Vélo Tour

Take a bike trip all around the city, as well as through some of Le Havre’s notable building. A great opportunity to discover the city and all for a good cause! More.

WHERE: All over LH! (starting at the Jardin Fluvial)

WHEN: The 30th


Pailey Wang is an Australian second year student at Sciences Po Paris Campus du Havre, and one of the editors-in-chief at Le Dragon. He majors in Politics and Government, and is also the incumbent Public Relations Officer of the Bureau des Arts.

Author: Le Dragon Déchaîné

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