Interview with Our 2020 Year Rep Candidates

“On the eve of election and results day, succeeding (our marvelous) Zhenhao Li is not an easy thing in a time which fragments discourses, limits exchanges, and restrains meetings. Yet, our dedicated and motivated candidates all stretched their imaginations and adaptability to let each student consider their core values and plans.”
By Lea Gambier, Ugo Fava & Louis Takei De Sola

Amidst digital but united times, the year rep campaign of 2020 has been unfolding for one week now, during which you were able to enjoy the glittering posters, catchy videos, caring calls, and innovative plans of our dear candidates. Not only acting as a bridge between the administration and student concerns, the Year Rep is a decisive cornerstone for our cohort. This year especially emphasized the need for diversity, caring, consideration, accessibility and assertiveness.

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