And that’s a wrap!

Good luck! Take care! See you soon!

The weak summer sun in Le Havre stands witness to years of Sciences Po goodbyes, as the outgoing 2As set forth on new adventures around the world. We make up a significant portion of Le Havre’s transient population; here to love it, here to hate it, and now away to miss it, as it inadvertently becomes a part of us. This year should be no different, as we pack our bags, bid our farewells, and slowly empty the city. But our cohort marks something new, something divergent from the usual, something more.

We’ve all spent countless hours pondering over the fate of the world in 2020, and how it shaped the experiences of our small global community in Le Havre. You do not need reminders of all that was not allowed to be, and all that could have been; you’ve probably heard enough about how this year was as different as anyone could have imagined, that we were treading uncharted waters; you do not need me to tell you that our adversity and the suffering of this world taught us how broken our systems are, or that even with the burden of a civilisation weighing on us, we still managed to pull through.

We’re two sides of the same coin-cursed and blessed in our own rights. We took chances when uncertainty was the norm, we grabbed new opportunities when older doors were closed, we reimagined interactions when campus life became absent, and we created forever bonds in a place which was always supposed to be temporary. Normalcy eluded us, and we built our own little worlds around us.

And then in a strange case of destiny, two weeks ago, our beloved Mr. Vincent Fertey announced the decision to leave his position as Director at Sciences Po Le Havre. After 7 glorious years in this city, he is adding to the last, and the most unexpected, of goodbyes.

“It has not been an easy decision to take, but the time has come for me to leave the office on the 4th floor. My wife got a new position far from Le Havre and I have decided to use this change as a new opportunity for me. I embark on a new adventure and feel ready to face new challenges.”

Mr. Fertey, you have been a rallying point in our Sciences Po experience, and for that we join your administrative team in thanking you.

They say it isn’t easy for them to let you go, sir, and I’m sure you would agree that it’s hard to leave the comfort of familiarity. But as you said, new adventures await us, and we should all be up for the challenge.

As we wrap this issue of LDD, we want to thank everyone for their contribution this academic year. On a special note, I would like to thank the incredible team we had this year; Rubaab, Joaquin, Emmanuel, Paola- small things like these, with people like you made the second year a bit more enjoyable.

I do not necessarily see this as a goodbye. Our growth has been exponential, at times expedited, and like a mighty tree spreading out, we’re advancing forward in the world. I’m excited for what’s to come, and I cannot wait to hear about the wonderful future you make for yourself. My fellow 2As, it has been quite a journey. From that first day of orientation, to our emotional musical outpour when the first unexpected goodbyes overwhelmed us, to our last day on campus, to today, and if we’re lucky, every tomorrow henceforth.

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