A Letter from Yours Truly: The Year Rep’s Goodbye

Hello healthy Mushus!

Here are some words from your 2A Year Rep Zhenhao Li for this end of academic year. Even though for the Year Reps, there is no official date for the end of mandate, this is probably the last official post from me as a Year Rep of LH 2022.

Since Year Reps don’t organize anything at the end of the year, and there is no “old” or “new” bureau, it is still hard for me to know whether my role of being a “Year Rep” is over or not. In fact, I feel that it has become one of my identities.

Yes, identities. I am a student, but also a Year Rep of the Le Havre campus. While dealing with my assignments, I also try to fulfill my role as a Year Rep: answering questions from my cohort by Messenger, writing emails to the admin, having weekly meetings with the admin, making posts for sharing information, having weekly meetings with the Yearbook team for the Yearbook project, etc.

Some friends told me that I could validate my civic learning program with the “Year Rep” position. Anyway, it is too late now (but maybe Janhvi, you can ask Ms. Quevreux for your case (just joking :). Indeed, it was quite difficult to balance my life between deadlines of papers and Year Rep meetings and posts. But the recognition of my efforts as a “Year Rep” by my friends and the whole cohort really encouraged me to continue. It might sound utilitarian, but receiving explicit recognition from people really cancelled out my tiredness and struggle with my time management.

So thank you very much for your recognition.

Thank you LDD for giving me the opportunity to write this article to mark the end of my position of Year Rep.

Thank you SPLH admin for bearing with me with all the questions and texts that I asked you to send on behalf of the Year Rep.

Thank you Janhvi for adapting to my way of working as Year Rep. You will do great next year, I’m sure!

Thank you Yearbook team, HD, and my secret assistant for creating this year’s Yearbook ,from editing to payment to distribution.

Thank you Zenoloc for the great company with sweet memories in go-pro and in phones, you really helped me maintain another identity apart from being a student and the Year Rep.

Thank you friends for your sweet messages either on zoom- that I can’t hide my smile in front of the camera from- or on Messenger during this pandemic.

Thank you everyone for counting on me for facilitating communication within campus and being my motivation when I struggled. You have been a great inspiration to me.

I wish you the best for the future, and hope that our friendship continues long and long, even after COVID ends.

Remember me, remember us, remember Le Havre with and without Covid. We are part of history, we are warriors and survivors.

Take care of yourselves, and happy holiday!

Your Year Rep,

Zhenhao Li


Author: Le Dragon Déchaîné

Welcome to Le Havre campus's newspaper

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