La Vague Verte

Il y a un peu plus d’un an, le 30 décembre 2020, l’Argentine légalisait l’avortement pour tou-te-s. Après des années de lutte agitée, ce droit fondamental de disposer de son corps est enfin accordé dans ce pays qui a été secoué par une mobilisation contestataire de grande ampleur depuis les rues de Buenos Aires jusqu’à Ushuaia.

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Letter to the Administration

Following violent physical attacks on a member of the student body of Sciences Po, an emergency General Assembly had been organized at the university’s Undergraduate College in Le Havre on 9 December 2021. In compliance with the freedom of press and a general consent from those in concern, Le Dragon Déchaîné has taken the liberty to publish a written version of the letter publicly addressed to students and the administration during the meeting. Any mention of the names of students have been censored due to privacy concerns. The Editorial Board of Le Dragon express their solidarity towards all victims of physical, emotional or psychological abuse, and support the cause of creating a safer space with effective recourse in emergency situations, as well as the nurturing of empathy within the whole of Sciences Po’s community.

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Au Havre, Edouard Philippe prend le large

Par Mathys Dufresnoy

Si l’ancien premier ministre et maire du Havre Edouard Philippe s’était fait discret ces derniers mois, il l’était beaucoup moins le 9 octobre dernier au Carré des Docks.

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Should you guess your answer in Econs MCQ? An Economic Perspective

Yiyang Fang, first-year undergraduate at Sciences Po Le Havre, statistically evaluates the prospects of people scoring at an economics examination by means of estimation.

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On Engaging the Taliban: In Conversation with Robert Kluijver (Part 2/2)

This article is the second in a series of dialogue with Robert Kluijver (link to Part 1:, Professor of Political Science at Sciences Po. A research analyst of conflict and post-conflict situations, Kluijver spent more than a decade in Afghanistan, and has conducted extensive field work in Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan’s tribal territories and Tajikistan. He is currently working on his PhD at Sciences Po on failed state building in Somalia.

The interview, conducted by Samaya Anjum, Lead Editor of Le Dragon Déchaîné, is in response to his policy paper published on 1 September, titled “On Engaging the Taliban”.

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