Introducing La Jeunesse +

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La Jeunesse + is an affiliated column under Le Dragon Déchaîné (LDD) with a particular focus on social, political, and cultural affairs in the Greater China region. The so-called “the Greater China region” is an apolitical term employed to include Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao.

More than a hundred years ago during the New Culture Movement, intellectuals under the banner of “Mr. Democracy” and “Mr. Science” published their works introducing modern ideas in the journal La Jeunesse, whose name was actually in French and thus had a clear imprint of French culture and thoughts. While the history and impacts of La Jeunesse are not without debates, we, as international students in France after more than 100 years after the journal’s first appearance, hope to continue La Jeunesse’s spirit of bravery and its role in spreading new ideas. Therefore, our section is titled Geng Xin Qin Nian (La Jeunesse +). In Chinese, Geng Xin has two meanings (Qing Nian means the youth): the first is to update or renew, and the second is “newer”. With this double connotation, La Jeunesse + will work towards new initiatives with our generation of students and the advancement of society through working together with young people. 

At Sciences Po Paris campus du Havre, we have many native Chinese speakers, as well as students who are interested in the affairs of the Greater China region. Many of them lack not the motivation but the avenue to express their opinions. Some also have great passions for this region but do not know where to start. In this international campus focusing on Asia, we hope to provide an opportunity to discover multifaceted issues in the Greater China region, not only on politics but also on literature, art, and society, in order to encourage exchange between students and even with the wider public. 

While maintaining the English-French bilingual structure under LDD, this section will also welcome contributions in Chinese, and you will have the support of our team of translators. Thank you for your support!

For more information on our column, please visit our homepage here!


本刊是附属于Le Dragon Déchaîné(LDD)的一专门关注大中华地区各种话题的学生媒体。所谓大中华地区,是想以这样一个较没有政治意涵的词汇来表示我们关注的地区范围,即:中国大陆、台湾、香港、澳门。

百余年前的新文化运动中,诸有识之士积极宣扬民主与科学,他们的重要阵地在于《新青年》。在法国文化与思想的影响下,这一刊物的外语名字选用了法文“La Jeunesse”。当然,《新青年》的作用及历史意义不无争议,本刊也无力亦无意变成任何政治团体的喉舌。但百年后在法国留学的我们,愿意在新的时间点将当年《新青年》敢于发声,积极传播新思想的精神发扬下去,是以将本刊名为“更新青年”。此名一是说明我们是更新一代的青年,要做比当年更“新”的事,二者也是借双关希望我们的观点也能有一些微薄的影响,或许能更新一些看法,促进青年朋友的共同进步。





本刊是附屬於Le Dragon Déchaîné(LDD)的一專門關注大中華地區各種話題的學生媒體。所謂大中華地區,是想以這樣一個較沒有政治意涵的詞彙來表示我們關注的地區範圍,即:中國大陸、台灣、香港、澳門。

百餘年前的新文化運動中,諸有識之士積極宣揚民主與科學,他們的重要陣地在於《新青年》。在法國文化與思想的影響下,這一刊物的外語名字選用了法文“La Jeunesse”。當然,《新青年》的作用及歷史意義不無爭議,本刊也無力亦無意變成任何政治團體的喉舌。但百年後在法國留學的我們,願意在新的時間點將當年《新青年》敢於發聲,積極傳播新思想的精神發揚下去,是以將本刊名為“更新青年”。此名一是說明我們是更新一代的青年,要做比當年更“新”的事,二者也是借雙關希望我們的觀點也能有一些微薄的影響,或許能更新一些看法,促進青年朋友的共同進步。




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